In God we believe...

through Christ we live...

by the Spirit we serve.

Welcome to Fifth Lutheran Church.

Mission Statement: 

In God we believe, through Christ we live, by the Spirit we serve.


Purpose Statement: 

Teach people to know God, to be a dynamic growing witness to God, reaching out to those around us who need to know God's love.


2016 Vision Statement: 

Put Bibles in Pews for use during worship

Continue building maintenance

Hold a basement sale

Hold our of Vacation Bible School

Find creative ways to continue our music program

Be filled witht he joy of our Lord


Core Values: 

A Christian community for growth and Education

Bible-based sermons that relate to today.

Maintaining and Lutheran traditions of the Sacraments.

The use of music annd liturgy to praise God.

Concern for each other's welfare.

Opportunities for fellowship.


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